Manage Your Own Hip Pain

Want to improve your hip pain from hip impingement or labral injury?

Use this physical therapy dupe to decrease pain, address muscular imbalances, and improve strength.

Treat Your Hip without a Script

Use therapy and corrective exercise techniques to address your hip pain now, rather than wait for a script to wait to see a physical therapist.

Known Effective Strategies

Use therapeutic exercise to decrease swelling and promote tissue healing, corrective exercises to address muscular imbalances, and make your weak hip your stronger hip.

Fix Your Hips on your Own Time

Spend 10-15 minutes per day with on-demand videos to decrease your painful hips and maximize strength, moving at your own pace.

About Us

Welcome to

Oxbow Health & Wellness

At Oxbow Health & Wellness, I aim to provide quality information so that everyone can have the knowledge of a physical therapist to treat their pain, improve joint stability, and prevent future injuries. Whether it be addressing joint hypermobility, treating painful hips, or return to running after having a child, Oxbow can help you maximize your strength and function.


Good Quality Service

On-demand videos ordered to help you manage your hip pain step by step.


Effective Treatment

Concise and effective exercises address painful and swollen joints, muscular imbalances, and strength so you can return to the activities you love.


Long Term Experience

With over a decade working with patients, and extra training in pelvic health and corrective exercises, this program is the culmination of knowledge for treating painful hips.

The Program

The Why

Learn why a hip joint gets painful, and the purpose of each exercise for decreasing swelling, addressing muscular imbalances, and improving your overall strength.

Gently Decrease Pain

Address agitated tissues to bring down intensity and frequency of pain.

Build Strength

Treat hip strength from every angle, with spinal neutral and pelvic health friendly exercises so that you can make your painful hip your strong hip.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Check out the FAQs

Who is this program for?

This program was created for the person who has had hip pain, and wants it to go away. Hip pain can be from joint hypermobility, repetitive stress like running, or from sports that involve pivoting and/or high impact. Pain exists in the front of the hip crease and/or groin. This program is for the proactive person who wants to decrease their pain, and progress strengthening in their own time. If most of your pain is in your buttock or lateral hip, this course is probably not for you. If you have had a hip replacement, this program is not for you.

What if I don't know what is wrong with my hip?

That's okay! While there are specific diagnoses that this course helps to address, the majority of the techniques will address most painful hips, and you don't need to know specifically if you have a labral tear, or Cam impingement. However, if you have had a large trauma, as in a car crash, you should probably speak to a medical professional first. You should also speak to your primary care provider if you have increased pain at night that does not change with position, numbness or tingling at your inner thighs and/or perineum, or notable changes in bowel/bladder habits. If you aren't sure if you need to speak to your medical provider first, feel free to email me and we can troubleshoot together.

What equipment do I need?

Mostly just you! It can be beneficial to have a foam roller and a medium resistance band, but not necessary. If you have a very strong pull-up assistance band, that would work great! But if you do not, I discuss modifications to accomplish the mobilization part.





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