Whether it is doing individualized coaching or physical therapy, a 10-minute exercise video, or simply drinking more water, try to do something each day to improve your health by 10%.

Symptoms of Joint Hypermobility

*Joint Aches/Pains

*Clicking/Popping Joints

*Frequent Joint Dislocations

*Deep Muscle Aches

*Strong Muscle Spasms


*Recurrent Injuries

*Digestive Issues

*Dizziness and/or Fainting

*Thin, smooth, and/or stretchy skin that may bruise easily.

Do any of these sound like you? Check out my Strong & Bendy Course here to improve strength and decrease pain with hyper mobile joints.

Why Oxbow?

An oxbow is a bend in a river, when the water has adapted to the land. It creates notable bends and curves that mimic the U-shaped collar that an ox uses to pull a plow.

As someone who has hypermobile joints, I'm motivated to improve my own strength to adapt to various activities. I find inspiration in the "strong and bendy" oxbow. Plus, they just look cool!

At Oxbow Health & Wellness, LLC, my job is to help you realize how adaptable you can be. Whether it be influencing your flexibility, strength, pain, energy levels, or overall feeling of wellness, you can carve your own path. No matter which way life takes you, you will have the skills to tackle problems head-on and bend your own dang river.